Gary  LANE   &  Rod & Wendy MACINTYRE    Web page:
Drew Lane & Jennifer Brown:   Gary Lane:  Kieran & Jessica     They live in Australia  Gary lives in Comox, Vancouver Island
Rod & Wendy MacIntyre:  Jennifer:  Gary & Cathy Lane:  Irene & Andrew are getting married May 17, 2008 in Las Vegas  Jennifer & Andrew are Gary & Sharon's two children: Cathy's 2 son's are living in Vancouver. Jessica is Jennifer's daughter.  
Comox Glacier  looking over valley on Vancouver Island
               Not far from where Gary lives.
(L) Gary Lane (C) Gerry & Wayne Chose: My Cousins,  in back is Jerry's son.  Gerry & Wayne are son's of my Mother's sister Anne Chose
Cathy & Gary at their Son's wedding in Las Vegas  2008
        Marge & James Hutchinson            Gary & Cathy Lane         Madeline & Jack Hutchinson 
      Taken at Lorie Henry's back yard  Gary's visit
                 August 21, 2008 in Cambridge
      Gary Kieran Jessica
Kieran      Jessica         Jennifer
  Luke         Jessica          Ryan
Picture taken June 2010   Chose & Lane family
These are my Cousins from my Mother's Sister Anne and her brother Warren.
Wayne & Mary Chose - Racheal & Larry Chose - Terasa (Chose) & Bert Longfellow - Cathy & Gary Lane -  Wendy & Rod MacIntyre -Karen & Jerry Chose
                January     2011 
       Jessica      Kieran       Jennifer
Prospect Point Looking at N. Vancouver
                 Irene      Drew
Jen   Warren   Brooklyn
Jennifer    Aaron         Lesley      Karen
      Ice cream gathering