1978 - 2012
This is a short story on the history of Airstrem trailer which was conceived in 1934 by an inventor by the name of Wally Byam. Wally built his first Airstream in 1936.
The club was started in Nova Scotia in 1955 named after the founder. Wally Byam Caravan Club Inc, with members from Canada, United States and Mexico.
The club is divided into 12 Regions from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We belong in Region 2 which have both National Capitals.
When we  joined in 1978 there were 25,428 members with Region 2 having 3026 at that time. Membership has steadily declined over the years for various reasons but is still doing what we like to do best, travel in our Airstreams.
Ontario Canada Unit President 1984
          At Sarsota Florida Rally
   International Rally at Lake Placid parked on Airport run way in 1984 with 3965 Airstreams
         This was our second International rally when I was President of the Ontario Canada Unit.
Barney our Mascot at South Bend Indiana
              1985 International Rally
Taken at the Statue of Liberty rally in 1988  Don Lovelady Marge & Joan Lovelady.
                      Running for office in Region 2
International Rally held in Brandon Manitoba  1994  with 2263 trailers/motorhomes in attendance
This was my installation ceramony as Region 2 President in 1994
                                           Picture taken in Pittsburg PA  mid 90's
                   Bridget Reegs               Marge              Joan & Don Lovelady      Willis Reegs
Jim & Marge    Bridgite & Willis Reegs
     Installation dress at International
Ontario Teen Queen at International
Don & Joan Lovelady out travel companions for 9 years   2006
Blue Beret is the official magazine for club members sent every month except January.                        In January they send out the directory which lists the total membership.
   Tom   James   Don                Dinner in St.Johns NFLD 2005       Mary   Marge   Grace
Nadine           Jodi               Ina         Marge
       Region Officers vacationing in Texas
    Hand pulled Ferry accros the Rio Grand river between Mcallen TX and Los Ebanos Mexico 2007
          Charles                   Salty                     James           Edgar
   Region 2 rally in Almonte, ON - 2008  West of Ottawa  
                      Aubrey & Pat Tyner  2007
       Instalation of unit officers in Niagara Genesse Unit of WBCCI  2009
Airstream go through Tim Horton's drive through?
More pictures to come
                    Ontario Unit get together at Tip of Texas RV Park, Valentine day February 13 2012